The most expensive car rental destinations in Europe
August 10, 2015

The Azores, a Portuguese archipelago, has just earned the distinction of having Europe’s highest car rental rates. A new survey from came to his determination after comparing car rental rates in more than 100 European destinations. The current month of August 2015 served as the basis of comparison.

The survey selected each destination’s main airport as the Pick-Up and Drop-Off location when determining its average price. The Azores’ Ponta Delgada airport takes the top spot with an average daily rate of Euro 74. This is the price renters can expect to spend for the cheapest available rental car during the month of August. Coming in second place on the survey is the Norwegian city of Bergen. Situated along Norway’s southwestern coast, its average cost per day is just one Euro less than the Azores at Euro 73. Rounding out the Top 3 is Iceland’s capital, Reykjavík, with an average daily price tag of Euro 70.

Portugal is costly overall for renting a car this late summer. An additional four destinations in the country made it into the survey’s Top 20 most expensive European destinations. In order of price, they are Porto, sixth on the survey at an average rental cost of 64 Euros per day; Faro with an average rate of Euro 50 daily; Lisbon just one Euro less at Euro 49 daily; and Madeira, Portugal's other autonomous island, with an average daily price tag of Euro 48.

The following table shows the 20 most expensive destinations in Europe in which to rent a car this late summer. The prices shown reflect the average daily rate for the cheapest available rental car in each destination during the period spanning August 1–31, 2015.
  • 1. The Azores (Portugal) Euro 75
  • 2. Bergen (Norway) Euro 74
  • 3. Reykjavik (Iceland) Euro 70
  • 4. Trondheim (Norway) Euro 69
  • 5. Oslo (Norway) Euro 68
  • 6. Porto (Portugal) Euro 64
  • 7. Menorca (Spain) Euro 57
  • 8. Crete (Greece) Euro 56
  • 9. Athens (Greece) Euro 53
  • 10. Thessaloniki (Greece) Euro 52
  • 11. Corfu (Greece) Euro 52
  • 12. Faro (Portugal) Euro 50
  • 13. Lisbon (Portugal) Euro 49
  • 14. Helsinki (Finland) Euro 49
  • 15. Madeira (Portugal) Euro 48
  • 16. Rhodes (Greece) Euro 47
  • 17. Split (Croatia) Euro 44
  • 18. Cagliari (Italy) Euro 43
  • 19. Dubrovnik (Croatia) Euro 42
  • 20. Vienna (Austria) Euro 42

About the Survey:
Rates were established on July 25-28 2015 via a leading car rental comparison engine. Each city’s main airport was chosen as the Pick-Up and Drop-Off location.

Press Contact: Michelle Walters,