Pick-Up Locations in Kona
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Directions from Kona International Airport
Photo: M. Brennan via Flickr
If you fly in to Kona International Airport, itís likely you are staying in Hawaiíiís Kailua-Kona area, or in the vicinity. If you were to be staying on the other side of this island, itís more likely that you would fly in to Hilo International Airport.

Getting from Kona International Airport to Kailua-Kona is easy. After picking up your rental car, follow Keahole Airport Road to the main highway, Highway 19, where youíll turn right. Following the highway for seven miles, youíll soon find yourself in a more populated area with shopping centers, restaurants and more. This area is Kailua-Kona. To reach the beach, where most of the hotels and resorts are found, continue on Highway 19 until you reach Palani Road (opposite the Wal-Mart store) and continue straight until reaching the shore.